Day 2: Heading to DC

I think I forgot to mention earlier that we stopped off at NYC for a day. Yesterday, arriving in New York on Bolt bus, we were met with sunny weather and a lot more people than I remember since the last time I was in NY. Learning to navigate the metro was an experience, especially compared to Boston’s relatively simple subway.
We were lucky to have a friend in Astoria to stay with where we dropped our bags before running off to explore the city and search for lunch. Jared had heard of a wood fired pizza place that was only allowed to have a woodfire because it had been around before the laws were made. We travelled back to the city and then walked a few miles and many blocks through Times Square to a small place called Waldy’s on 6th Ave. The pizza was definitely delicious and filling. I had my favorite: anchovies! Which, believe it or not, was offered free.
Our friend from Boston, Michelle, met us and walked with us over to Grennich and a few other places while we talked enjoyed icecream and found fruit stands that sold Jared’s favorite kind of apple which apparently cannot be found anywhere in Boston. (I still prefer Granny Smith personally).
After a rest in a cool park with black squirrles, lots of pigeons, chess, and a rat we went in search of trivia with a friend of Miranda’s, Arielle. Unfortunately, the place no longer had trivia on Monday nights so we walked across the street to a BBQ place for dinner. Now, generally I don’t like BBQ. But Miranda and I split an order of hush puppies and BBQ meatloaf sandwhich and it was so yummy! I’ve always had a special love of meatloaf although I’ve yet to find any as good as my mom’s.
Finally we took the metro back to Astoria, after only missing our stop once, and organized our couches for sleeping. We watched a few episodes of Arrested Development and shut off the lights before midnight. It was hot hot hot in the apartment though and with little to no breeze and zero air conditioning, falling asleep was a challenge. Jared had sweat rolling down his face occasionally and I slept with a cool towel over my legs.
Suddenly, the roommate is screaming and yelling and cursing from her room. The other roomate comes to see what all the commotion is about and then they are both yelling back amd forth about the flying cockroach in the apartment. One roommate was convinced that flying cockroaches were only in the south. Apparently not. Both of the girls were afraid of bugs and did not know what do about a large flying bug. Because I wasn’t asleep and am ofter on mouse or bat removal at home, I got up to help with the bug situation. After watching it fly around and preparing to remove it or trap it, it flew into the wall and fell behind the bed. We searched for it for ten minutes and couldn’t find it. Giving up we went to sleep with images of cockroaches climbing the walls and crawling on the floor. I even had a dream that I had caught the cockroach in a take out tuppleware and put it in the freezer for preservation and proof to the exterminator that there aas a bug problem.
In the bathroom the next morning I saw the bug squirming on the tile upside down and dying. Assumedly, the roommates had found it, smashed it with a broom, and burshed it into the bathroom. For now, at least, problem solved.

I am currently on the bus heading to DC. More updates (and photos) to come!

Until soon,
Maggie B.







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