Leaving in the morning!

Finally (and yet I feel like we’ve been planning for ages) I am leaving tomorrow for my road trip. I am sitting in my room at my desk right now looking around at the little things that linger here and wondering what I should do with them. I feel bad throwing out perfectly good items yet Goodwill no longer has bins in my building and I don’t know if I really have enough of a donation to go to the Goodwill store. My back pack is filled (to the brim) even though I still have to magically fit in a hair brush and some road CDs.

All year people kept telling me that my senior year of college would fly by faster than I could imagine. I suppose it did go by quickly, but I feel like I am ready for my next adventure. I was so busy this last year, and especially this last semester, that I feel like I crammed in two years worth of experiences which made the year feel significantly less quick.

I remember being ready to move to the next adventure after highschool and now I feel the same way. I wonder if I’ll ever be happy living in one place for more than four years.

Boston has been a great experience and I learned a lot about the city, my majors, my friends and my self. I am looking forward to spending a week here after I come back from my road trip. Then onwards to Seattle. Back to Seattle. On to the next chapter of life. On to the job search. On to living somewhere with people I probably won’t know. It’s a little like going to college freshman year but it will be very different too. I’ll have old friends and make new friends and keep in contact with college friends. Maybe I’ll get a doggie friend. And the best part is that I’ll finally be close to my family again.

Until soon and from the road,
Maggie B.

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