New OED additions and a few fun facts

FYI: New additions to the OED.
Interesting facts not mentioned in this article but mentioned in this one, “california role” and “doughnut hole” have been added to the dictionary as new cuisine items, also, learned something that is logical but I hadn’t ever considered: LOL was previously used to mean “little old lady,” and finally, one of my favorites, the term “wag” which is an acronym for “wives and girlfriends” as in “bring your wags to the party this weekend”.  IMHO (in my humble opinion) this is one that I hope gains popularity. lol

Some other fun new words that we all already know:
“la-la land” as in LA or as in that place we go when we aren’t really paying attention at meetings or in class

I especially appreciate this paragraph from the second article mentioned:

There are two main types of muffin in the English-speaking world: the flat round yeasted variety (known in North America as an English muffin), and the traditional American type, small cakes baked in cup-shaped tins and having a characteristic cap where the batter rises above the rim. It is to this latter sort that OED’s new entry for muffin top n. refers, denoting in its first sense the top portion of such a muffin, or sometimes a muffin cooked in a special shallow tin so that it consists exclusively of this top part, without the soggy bottom whose relative undesirability once inspired an episode of Seinfeld. The second sense is figurative, referring to a protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers (cf. spare tyre n., love handle n.), which may sometimes be attributed to an excessive appreciation for muffin tops in the literal sense.

“Muffin Top”

Real Muffin






This really takes me back to middle school when I first heard a guy referring to a girl with a “muffin top.” As a scared and impressionable middle schooler, I was terrified of ever having this term applied to my hips, looking back its pretty funny, although still somewhat awful.

In addition to these more hilarious additions, there are, of course, the typical and less interesting slang words implying drunkedness, or the process by which one gets there (lashed, lash) and then the extremely entertaining concept of couch-surfing. Which, as a soon-to-be college grad, seems like a pretty decent option for a couple months until I actually find a job and/or decide where I want to live.

♥ MB

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