Yosemite Campsite reserved!

I will be spending the Fourth of July in one of my roadtripping companion’s
“favorite place on the planet:” Yosemite.

Very excited.

I have put down half of the money for the trip and am looking for ways to make the second half while in school and working two-ish jobs. Also, we have been going over what we will be bringing on the trip and it is looking like it is going to be pretty interesting as far as my figuring out how to post to here. I have the app on my phone but I don’t know how well that will cut it… We’ll see there is still time!

Also, basically all the rest of campsites are booked and our trip is being solidified…

Interesting fact, the van thing hasn’t quite worked out as well as we were hoping yet. For a time we were considering getting one of those short yellow school buses onto which I was excited to paint flowers. Doesn’t seem like that will be the case either.

I am supposed to be writing a paper on John Cheever’s “The Country Husband” right now which explains why I am taking time to update my neglected blog.

(EDIT) Interestingly enough I just read the post before this one from January 28th, and I have to apologize for the redundancy, I have zero recollection of ever posting that previous update.

One thought on “Yosemite Campsite reserved!

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about a post that is all big worded on what it means to be traveling across the US and camping after college…the readers have requested. Love ya brooke

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