Penguins and swimming

I must write of a blue and green aquamarine dive I took in the land of slumbers. My mother was driving me to some sort of camp and my brother and father were to meet us there later. They took a different route. Well, my mother and I went out on the boat with a group of others and they took us to the middle of the ocean. Or so it seemed, we were very far from land at least.
I was dressed or transformed into a penguin. This was in itself quite thrilling. Then the other children (this is interesting because I am no longer a child and it is unclear if I viewed myself as a younger aged version of myself or not) and I were lowered onto a large raft that was then set adrift away from the boat. I believe it was still tethered to the boat in some way.
We penguins were also all tied together in a long strand connecting us either waist to waist or ankle to ankle or some combination of the two. Then we all dove into the water. I remember feeling absolutely fantastic in my penguin form paddling around. But I wanted more. I wanted to be those penguins on the television diving for food and flying underwater. So I dove. But even in my rapture I was painfully aware that while I swam deeper and deeper, I was dragging those tied to me down as well. Perhaps they couldn’t hold their breath like me, perhaps they couldn’t swim so well, maybe they just wanted to be above the surface. So I swam back up, releasing all my buoyant penguin friends back into the sunlit air.
It was time to return to the boat in any case. As I was swimming just below the surface of the water, or so I thought, I must have been much deeper, a giant humpback whale swam over us. I remember being amazed at the grace, beauty and size of this beautiful blue and white barnacled creature. This was beyond words. It was the experiences of a world so completely alien to our own. I’ve sat here a while typing, but I cannot describe the feeling or the sight quite right. The words all seem too empty on the page. Close your eyes for me and imagine being in the ocean and a whale swimming above you… Tell me how it feels… Beautiful…

(I hope I never forget that image of the whale breeching above me or the feeling of smallness swimming below in my foreign penguin suit…)


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