Van is Reserved!

I was informed yesterday by our trip planner/human map that the van for the occasion has been reserved!

I was also informed that the first of my $500 is due at Thanksgiving…
Luckily, I’ve been planning for this upcoming deadline and have saved enough money to pay for this first deposit. Life after said deposit will be interesting for a week or two or three… But I am sure that it will all work out. Of course that being said, while I have been confident that I am alright with not being able to get back my deposits should I receive an inflexible and amazing job offer… as the day nears, I am feeling more and more nervous about my $500. However, I am not convinced that it is an unwise risk to take and will put down my money without hesitation!

Perhaps by doing so, I will challenge the universe to throw at me an amazing offer for a job that I just cannot refuse. It’s like purchasing an expensive love potion only to realize just as you’ve drugged your lover that the true love of your life isn’t actually dead.


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