Embarking on Cross-Country Adventure

This coming June, I will be embarking on a cross-country venture zig-zagging my way though the United States (and hopefully Canada) camping, hiking, and exploring all sorts of National Parks and places I should have been but probably haven’t visited yet.

To document this once-in-a-lifetime trip, I will hopefully be able to update this blog with my adventures. I will be traveling with four friends, two of which I just met, and two of which I have knowns for a year-ish now.

This is my graduation gift, my last run at freedom, my attempt to hold off the ever encroaching “real world” as college flings me from its comforting arms into what I am supposed to know as my future.
Seeing as I have no idea where I will be living (city, state, country) in one year from now, I decided that I should give myself some sort of solid plan to which I can grasp at night when fears of never finding a decent job haunt me like little ghosts constantly rapping at the window of my mind. (It’s getting really close to Halloween, we have to have some spook imagery in here)

So far here is the trip that we have devised, thanks to the hard work of my good friend Jared, who loves to ride motorcycles cross-country on a regular basis and has the most extensive knowledge of the roads in the US of anyone I have ever met, and Laurie, who I don’t know very well yet but who I already think is pretty darn awesome:

May 31st/June 1 –> Leave Boston and head toward Philly!
1 — hang out in Philly (or nearby if we camp — we may have friends/family who can give us a place)
2 — Leave Philly @ 9am for Shenandoah
3 — Shenandoah
4 — Leave Shenandoah @ 9am for Smokey Mtn National Park
5 — Smokey Mtn National Park
6 — Smokey Mtn National Park
7 — Leave Great Smokey National Park @ 9am for Mammoth Cave
8 — Mammoth Cave
9 — Leave Mammoth @ 8am for Buffalo River
10 — Buffalo River
11 — Leave Buffalo @ 8am for Mid Kansas camping
12 — Leave @ 8am for Rocky Mountain National Park
13 — Rocky Mountain National Park
14 — Rocky Mountain National Park
15 — Leave @ 8am for Great Sand Dunes National Park
16 — Great Sand Dunes National Park
17 — Leave @ 10am for Black Canyon of the Gunnison
18 — Black Canyon of the Gunnison
19 — Leave @ 9am for Arches/Canyonlands
20 — Arches/Canyonlands
21 — Arches/Canyonlands
22 — Leave @ 9am for Bryce via Capitol Reef
23 — Leave @10:30 for Zion
24 — Zion
25 — Zion
26 — Leave @ ? for Grand Canyon
27 — Grand Canyon
28 — Leave @ ? for Sedona
29 — Leave @ 8am for Joshua Tree
30 — Joshua Tree
July 1 — Leave @ 10am for Sequioa/Kings Canyon
2 — Sequioa/Kings Canyon
3  — Leave @ 10am for Yosemite
4 — Yosemite
5 — Yosemite
6 — Leave @ 10am for Big Sur
7 — Big Sur (maybe stop on the way up? Beach day?)
8 — Leave @ 8am for Northern California camping
9 — Leave @ ? for Crater Lake
10 — Crater Lake
11 — Leave @ 10am for Mt. Ranier
12 — Mt. Rainier
13 — Leave @ 10am for Cascades
14 — Leave @ 8am for Glacier
15 — Glacier
16 — One night somewhere on rt 2 (instead of Yosemite)
17 — Leave @ ? for Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, etc
18 — Badlands, etc.
19 — Leave @ ? for Theodore Roosevelt NP
The rest of the trip will include:
A stop in Minnesota
Voyagers NP, Canada
Int’l Falls, Canada
Finger Lakes, NY
Acadia, ME
Boston! (beginning of August)

That being said, we may also try to hit up the Great Basin NP and who knows what else may come our way as we traverse this great, huge country with only the clothes on our backs (we all have really big hiking backpacks) and our endless smiles and hopelessly optimistic outlooks on life. Come what may, we are ready to experience America from the windows of a rented van!

2 thoughts on “Embarking on Cross-Country Adventure

  1. tim hatlen says:

    You are absolutely crazy and I love it…except for the planned times of departure seems a bit OCD 7 months away. I can only hope that I can see you at some point in the latter half of the journey….I figure you will have knarly smelling backpacks and a putrid odor to the van you were forced to sleep in some of the nights, crazy calf muscles from the hiking, and most definitely, dread locks. That will be a picture never to forget. I would say I’m surprised you are not going to the South much to experience the gumbo and the Louisianan culture.
    Miss you over on the west coast Brooke, keep posting and I will keep reading as your loyal groupie.

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