Lovely Lights– Repost

Lovely lights of luminous longevity
Keep this kidish kindred cherub
Infatuated with initial impressions
Of simply shy sexual seduction

Slowly she senses some
Rarely real revelations of regret
Pushing pointless plundering plots
Over other ominous omissions of
Truthful tragedies she tumbles towards

Falling faster and fearful and focused
Everclear eyes enter an eternity of
Red raging rolling rivers
Salty streams of suffocating sadness


Autumn auburns and ambers
She hides her hidden heart wholly
Stunning spirit shunning the sun
Waiting and wishing a wonderous will would
Rise righting rash and ruddy rejected
Ideas of idiocracy and improve imaginings
Of everlasting empires enticing
Her healing hopeful heart

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