Wondrous Strange and Darklight

There is a new Lesley Livingston book out. “Darklight” is the second book in the fantasy series about a New York actress who truly belongs in the faery world but doesn’t know her true identity. 
I haven’t read the books yet, nor do I truly plan to have time to read them in the future (as you can see I have quite a few going as it is–Favorite books).
I happened upon these books while updating my Goodreads account and saw a banner ad on the side bar advertising the new release. This was fascinating to me, having not seen many banner ads for books other than those huge hits that may or may not even need extra advertising. But the publishing world is changing and trying new things.
So I looked up the book, without clicking on the ad, and found Lesley Livingston’s homepage that advertises for the book series and the new release. But what is most amazing (and perhaps I’m somewhat late in picking up on this new form of advertisement) there was a promotional video trailer for the book itself! This is a whole new way of advertising a book! Making a short video clip  that strongly resembles that of a movie trailer to get the public interested in reading! This is astounding. These could be played on TV and perhaps boost significantly sales of books that would otherwise have to live off of word-of-mouth. The main problem I see here is the cost of making and buying a TV ad. But there is always a way to get around things like that, and if successful, it would only be a matter of time before advertising for books changed dramatically. Interesting, I say, Interesting.
I decided that it is important that I know how far behind I am in this and I found this site quite easily by typing in “book trailer” into Bing. It appears to be very common and that my amazement is somewhat misplaced or out of date.
According to wikipedia (which is always a good site to use for quick starting point information),
“The term “book trailer” is currently a trademarked term owned by Sheila Clover of Circle of Seven Productions. The first book trailer to be played publicly was at a book convention in Shreveport, LA. in 2003. The trailer was for a book entitled Dark Symphony by author Christine Feehan.
“Though book trailers were being made as early as 2002, the term caught on in 2005 when user-generated online video upload became more popular. Sites such as MySpace, YouTube and iFilm allowed for the videos to be viewed by the public, creating a market for this promotional tool.”

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