“Food, Inc.” and What Options We Really Have

Today I viewed screening of “Food, Inc.” at school Student Health Services “Wellness Night.” The woman directing the new “Wellness” program at BU is working very hard to get messages out there about the state of the world and what we should be doing to keep ourselves and our future children healthy. This is all very respectable if we decide to forget that 65% of students live on campus. Granted not all of these students have a dining plan, but only students with apartment style dorms are allowed to opt out of the dining plan. Otherwise, we’re all stuck eating in the dining hall. The food is good, I’m not complaining about the food considering what we have compared to the reviews I’ve heard from friends at other schools. And it’s where we eat. We don’t have a choice while we are living on campus not to eat at the dining hall if we want to have anything that can consistently be considered food. While living in the dorms you are allowed to have a mini fridge and a microwave (microwave only if it is one of the Microfridges that the school rents out to students for a small fortune- and a large profit- each year). These provisions really are not enough to allow students to make their own nutritious meals.
So what do we do? Student health shows a film that unveils us to the horrors and dangers of the food industry and encourages us to eat organically and choose to buy produce over chips and salsa, but we have no idea what is in the food in the dining hall or where it is coming from, for that matter. And it seems that BU being such a huge school, would need some serious student body uproar to even consider changing whatever mass-produced, unhealthy, potentially dangerous, world-ending, food they are serving to us. And with all our classes, who really has time to be involved in that type of revolution except the fanatics.
We’ve all survived so far, what motivation are they trying to stir up that we would really work to research where our food comes from and what we need to do about it?
Clearly, we need to do something. But, despite the fact that I might now frown at the chicken, I am not going to stop eating it. Sadly, it seems that the food industry has won again.
Americans asked for fast food and so the food industry created itself to give America fast food. And since fast food is really what initiated the changes in the food industry, fast food was the spark that led to the explosion of all the unappetizing practices used to make the food we eat today (even if we aren’t eating fast food).
Americans still feel like they have no time to take on the demon they have created and so it lives among us and laughs even as we abstain from the blatantly unhealthiness of fast food and try to eat something it hasn’t sunk its claws into because it knows… there is really nothing left.

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