Eeep! Don’t buy a Nook! (At least not this year)

I’ve been doing research for a week-ish trying to decide if I want to buy a Nook or a Kindle this holiday season. Based on my reasearch, and a slight bias against B&N, I have come to the conclusion that the Kindle is a much better option on the market right now.
Both appear to have some hang ups, but in the end, the Kindle comes out on top. B&N were certainly ambitious in what they attempted. And to some extent they have succeeded, or at least set the grounds for succeeding.
I respect that they recognized a new phase in book reading and jumped at the opportunity to save their book sales as well as potentially make more money. That’s good business.
However, they didn’t seem to catch on quite early enough… The Nook suffers from speedy production and design and has issues that the Kindle has had time to work out.
So for this year, I’ll stick to purchasing the Kindle. Maybe in the future the Nook will work out the kinks and will be ready to really compete with the Kindle.
This article I read today summarizes all the other research I’ve done up to this point.

NYT Article on Nook and Kindle

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