Less than a week left with school.

Today I was talking (because I am obsessed) about the Kindle again. My friend overheard and started repeating “Don’t do it! Don’t do it! It has a huge defect!” I saw my life with the kindle flash before my eyes. Suddenly, my visions of myself leaning over the Kindle reading in class or in my room blurred into non reality. Sitting on the desk in front of me was no longer the beloved Kindle, but the Nook! or worse… nothing.

Desperately, I asked what was wrong with it. He told me that publishers only allow the same book to be downloaded to an account a limited number of times before you have to repurchase the book. Seemed manageable. However, he said that every time an update comes out for the Kindle, it wiped out your books and you would have to redownload them. Which would mean that after a certain point you would need to repurchase them. Seems like they would have figured this out.

I was skeptical if this was a reality. Amazon seems smart enough to figure out how to solve this, Apple can do it with the Ipods.
So this is what I found. It basically has to do with the DRMs. Amazon says that you don’t actually own the books that you’ve purchased.
There is a summary posted from a fellow and skeptical wordrpess user
I feel that this person fails to understand the potential benefits of the kindle. Obviously, the muisic thing is still working for the Ipod and we don’t have records or CDs anymore (and I would argue that a really good song is just as important as a really good book).

The point of the kindle is not to give you a physical copy of the book. If you wanted that you could just buy the book from Amazon. This is for portability and convenience. And there’s so much room for improvement. I don’t feel that worrying that something is going to happen to Amazon is really worth considering. They’re a solid company. I have faith that they pretty much know what their doing by now.

I plan to use the kindle for classes. This way I don’t have to carry all my books around for my english major. I can highlight passages on the kindle and take notes on a notebook just as I would normally. It will also save me money as most of the books I will be reading (assuming they are included in the 300,000 offered) will be available for cheaper on the Kindle than for the physical copy.

The kindle is also able to get newpapers articles. This is great for someone who has a really basic cell plan or doesnt have time to watch tv or listen to the news everyday. Its like a virtual (and green!) newspaper for people on the go. (and you can download the articles whenever you have the chance-on the bus, waiting for your coffee, before the start of a meeting- you don’t have to be at a computer with internet service or pick up a paper. Sounds like it has a lot of potential once people learn how to utilize the benefits fully 🙂
In any case, we’ll find out. I’m not too worried about this disabling probem and the ground has returned to under my feet. I’ll have the Kindle by Christmas with no regrets.

Simlar to what I was researching the other day, I did find this link with a table comparing the three top competing ebook readers.

I also found this unrelated but awesome product

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