Humanity’s Evolution (or lack there of)

Has Humanity really changed so drastically as we now worry about the loss of culture contained in our stories?
Format of distribution changes, but has that been for the worse before? Book publishing has only sustained changes that have enabled more and more people to be influenced by words written centuries ago in a far away land. Why would a transition to digital format be any different?
Isn’t the worry of the loss of culture proof enough that we will not allow it to happen?
We must be open-minded to change
We must find ways (as we always have) to continue life as we are used to but using new tools.
Has Humanity changed so much from the bare essentials that make us human beings? Did not early humans stop to look at the sunrise? Or dream about their loved ones?
Did not people of all times find ways to inscribe their pain, their love, their happiness into the lines of history?
Do we now have such different basic needs and feelings that we would allow for the extremity of those feelings to be lost. To sink into the ground and buried. To burn with the fires of progress?
Do we not still love?
Do we not still cry?
Do we not still stop to look at the sunrise?
Maybe now we can watch the sunrise from an airplane rather than while standing on a hill-top. Maybe we can now love more openly who ever we want. Maybe we can cry for losses we were never allowed to cry for before.
But are we really so different?

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