I’m buying a Kindle! Merry Christmas!

Recently, I won a $200 gift card to Best Buy, but what I really want is a Amazon Kindle- they don’t sell those at Best Buy.

I looked into the competitors, especially with the new Barnes and Nobel Nook coming out, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I want the new Kindle.

The Nook was  a close contender, Sony e-readers barely make it onto the board at all (which is sad because they’re essentially the only other competition and they’ve been out as long as the Kindle).

I had already decided on getting a Kindle when I saw the first advertisements for the Nook. So I’ve put all purchasing on hold and done extensive reasearch. Initially, there wasn’t much to find becuase people were not as aware of this new digital phenomenon as I thought.

With the research I had, I made the deciscion to go with the Kindle, although $$$ has prevented me from purchasing anything as of yet. Barnes and Nobel upsets me as a company. I feel like they are elitest and over priced. Even being an English major who is in love with all things books, I have a hard time smiling at Barnes and Nobel.

However, I know this emotion stems partially from the fact that Boston University parteners with the local B&N and I am forced to buy over priced text books from there when I cannot find them on the internet. Dishing out large sums of cash for text books (especially for classes like Accounting) is really a huge downer (on my emotions and my summer savings account balance).

So I tried very hard to be impartial about the choice between spending $259 on a Nook or a Kindle. And continued to search. There are a lot of articles that tend to be all about the new Nook and how it is better than the Kindle, lots of articles about why the Nook is not going to be able to compete with the Kindle, and very few articles about them side by side, without bias.

However, two fantastic points have come to my attention today!
1. The Nook is sold out through Christmas!  (Hurrah, now I can’t buy it)
2. It seems that the most redeeming feature about the Nook (the fact that you can share titles with friends) is being eliminated by publishers who are banning this feature for their books, makes sense!

Now, I can buy my Kindle guilt-free! And now I won’t have to buy any books for my English class from B&N ever again. (The nook couldn’t do that for me!) 🙂

Is the Nook a Kindle Killer?-Crave

Kindle Vs. Nook-Press Love

Did Kindle Sales get a Boost from Nook’s Fumble?- PC World

Hopefully, I will find someone soon who I can sell my Best Buy gift card and use the money to get my Kindle.

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