Come Now and Satisfy My Craving Heart

Come now and satisfy my craving heart

Confirm to me the true meaning

Behind your careful words

End this agony of unrequited questioning and wonder

These days are long but

More manageable when your distance is clear

When suddenly this addiction cannot

Resist your numbing presence

Time slows

Aching comes

This desire to hear you

Fulfill these thoughts of mine



There is never enough time

My heart misses you even before you leave

No matter how short the time before I will see you again

I cannot help but feel a pain at you’re leaving

Sometimes it is my leaving that leaves my heart in shreds

I too have limited our time together

Even so, I cannot find reason to detach myself from your side

I long to be with you always

What we would do, I have no idea

But just to be together would almost certainly be enough for me







The phrase “I have eyes only for you”

Takes on new meaning when with you

It seems that it is easy for me to only see you

Because all I ever look at is you

Even when you look away I stare at you

My eyes are attached forever to you

The smile the breaks across your face as I look at you

Is enough for me to stare until you see me looking

This phrase “I have eyes only for you”

Is to me a simple “I love you”

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