Your Perfect Land

Your Perfect Land

Dream of a day
When all you want it true
When you know all you shuld sknow
When the pain and suffereing is has come to cease
When you hurt no more
When the sun never sets
When double rainbows criss-cross the skys
When your world is filled with the brightest of lights
When your love never ends

And you will know this is not how it is to be
A half-life waiting to be fulfilled
And the clouds come with their torrents of rain
The sun is overcome by the power
Darkness consumes the once perfect land
And the sky is filled with a new burning light
Your wonderful world is overcome by fire

For years the fire burns and clouds the earth
There will be no food, no water
No having only wishing and wanting and waiting
Without knowledge or love
Only suffereing, pain and despair

Then slowly the rivers douse the flame
And the sun is able to conquer the clouds
The golden beams grace your cheeks
Tears stream down your face cleaning the pain etched there
A smile tracing your lips again
your arms reaching to the heavens
Thank all that you have been taught
And thanking all you love, and all who love you

Your world seems brighter now
Better than you can ever remember
Better than when you thought you had everything
Better now with the mudslicked hills and the forgotten forests
Better with the poisoned water and the foggy air
Better now beacause there is hope

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