Tree Hopping

It was a movie that was being made and I was staring in it. The basic plot, from what I remember, consisted of me and a boy being transferred from the real world to an imaginary world through a tree by some sort of device of our own doing, like eating or drinking something that transferred us there. The tree was big and on the bank of a wide brown river. The river had a current but it wasn’t too fast that you couldn’t swim in it. lots of people fished from boats in the river. In fact, they held fishing tournaments there fairly often. But the imaginary world was where the movie took place. And essentially, despite that I knew it was a movie, it was as if I was watching the movie rather than filming it because it was an adventure that even I didn’t know the ending of, even though supposedly I was in it. I know that the quest had something to do with finding out about ourselves, as all good fantasy movies do. I met someone in the imaginary world who was a friend throughout the movie. They were smaller than me but also a girl. And someone could fly. They had a boyfriend who they had been with for a while and the boy that came back with me was also somehow related to me. Although, I don’t know if we were dating or if it was just a close relation. I believe that I was attracted to him but wasn’t sure if it was mutual. I know there was a point in the story where we were all fishing and it was sort of a challenge (which reminded me of MTV reality TV show) and then depending on how much and of what kind of fish you caught, it would determine different things. But for some reason once you caught one of one kind of fish those were the only kind that you would continue to catch, but that wasn’t strange because you didn’t know that someone else could be catching a different type you just thought that they were all that type in the river. And we had little boats, little tin boats, or atleast metal. My boat, I believe was catching all yellow perch, while another, we found out after comparing catches, was catching all bass, or trout. In any case they were catching fish that were much more “sophisticated” than we were and they laughed at the fact that we were catching perch. But it turned out that me and the boy I was with, according to the rules of the game, had to kiss. And it was a fabulous magnificent kiss. It was ground breaking and we won something for our performance. Not that other people were watching but we as a couple both grew in ourselves gaining more of ourselves. This was represented by coins or tokens that we could count but no body else could see because they were inside of us. It was like a visual representation of growing up. They were tokens of experience of knowledge and of understanding of what to do in a future experience. It came down to one of the last scenes of the movie. There was a big screen that the boy I was with, the girl I had met, her lover, the old woman who was in charge of the imaginary land (perhaps a queen) and I were all standing in font of. I had been adorned with tape from the beginning of my entrance into the imaginary world by the queen and so had the boy I was with, it was protection of some sort of magical power. This was because it had come from the real world at some point but in the transformation it had changed into something very valuable for its magic in the imaginary world. The old woman queen pulled a long strip of tape form the holder and connected the ends together to make a necklace with the sticky side out so that when you wore it, it didn’t get stuck to your clothing, but this one she hung up on a hook near the screen. I remember seeing in the corner a little flying person who had their back to us and was leaning forward so all we could really see was their butt. But it wasn’t strange because there were lots of people like this in the imaginary world. It was how it was supposed to be and they were fastening the tape to the screen. The screen showed a big tree drawn in a green outline on the black screen. The tree had little square blocks inside the trunk that represented a power that I had to somehow figure out how to get rid of because it was hurting that land. But throughout the movie I had been collecting my love and experience tokens and so I could use those to get rid of the blocks in the tree. I used them and all the blocks broke away leaving only the base of the tree against the ground. Nothing seemed to happen. We stood there looking at what I had accomplished and knowing that it was very good. But the queen knew something else, because she was wise and sensitive. She looked at me and said you have more, dig into the ground. So I used my remaining tokens. And broke down further into the ground. It was like I dug into the plastic of the earth and tore up the mother system of the world. I planted in the hole, a plastic tube that was uneven at the top so that it was more artsy like a vase. It had two colors, blue and purple that ran together in the middle. And the vision that popped into my head was that of Zack planting the seed in the ground at the end of Fern Gully. Then it was obvious what I had done. I had broken the barriers between the imaginary world and the real world. I had destroyed the tree and in that destroyed the imaginary world. But that was my purpose for ending up in the imaginary world. It saved the boy that I was with from himself. I had helped the boy and now I could release him from myself because now he was his own self. So in a way I saved him and me. The queen knew that was what was going to happen, she knew that I was going to come and upset their world, but she understood that it was what was meant to be and she was happy to finally let go and fade into nonexistence. Then it was time to leave and go back to the real world. But with that it was realized that the boy that my friend from the imaginary world had been with was from the real world originally and he had been trapped there trying to get back, and I was there to free him too. This was good even though it was sad. And I feel that, even though I was there in the movie and experiencing it as if it were happening to me, that I sort of suspected this ending, with the boy to have originally come from the real world. It just felt right. Then we went out through the base of the tree into the brown river and were swimming away. I felt something slip off me and it was my cross necklace tangled with my ring, and I grabbed them before they could sink. My friend from the imaginary world was yelling out the tree trunk to me “who is the ring from?” I responded “Bryan”. And she sort of frowned and said “oh” in a disappointed way because that was not who I had saved in the imaginary world, and I smiled at her and said “I know I’m still working on him”. Which was okay because we both knew that it was a long process and that it would all be okay in the end. When I went to visit the tree a few years later it had ferns and plants growing out of the trunk, it was no longer just a tree, it was as if it was exploding from the inside. This was because of the world inside that no longer existed, and the magic no longer kept the tree from growing naturally and keeping off the ferns and plants. I was sad in that I missed the other world. But they were good memories. The tree itself had a huge trunk, much to wide to put your arms around. It was gigantic, it would take probably four or five people to stretch all the way around. But that wasn’t possible to even try because the trunk met up with the river bank exactly, it was touching the river and leaning over the river with its long branches and big green at the end of the branches. They weren’t really leaves but they weren’t pine needles either. It wasn’t an evergreen tree exactly but it wasn’t really a deciduous either, it was just a magnificent tree.
Then I was on the set, filming, or rather we had just finished filming and we were on the far bank from the tree and I was standing there looking at it. and I remarked “that really is the perfect tree for this movie, it just looks so full of mystery and magic, like there really could be another world inside”…

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