This is part of a series that I wrote in the beginning of High School. I had them previously posted on a different blog, but in an effort to consolidate, I have moved them here.

1 hour 30 minutes until her ride comes.

She woke up to another day of school. But she wasn’t upset. She practically leaped out of bed, after a series of a few fuzzy daydreams about the coming day. She had taken to showering in the morning rather than at night, her hair looked better when she blow-dried it and she never did that at night. She had already laid out her clothes the night before and, surprisingly, had already cleaned up the mess of rejected articles. She knew exactly how she was going to wear her hair, exactly how she was going to do her makeup and exactly how she was going to enter school at 10 AM. She didn’t finish her bowl of cheerios with blueberries or her cup of orange juice because she was too excited and had some weird theory that after you eat you bloat which was the last thing she needed. She was ready. Shoes laid out by the door, pens and book next to them and lip-gloss shoved in the pocket of her jean shorts. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. Singing to herself even after the music had been switched off she walked downstairs to wait for her ride. Today was going to be a good day.

It had been strangely cold that morning, only 60 degrees when she woke up rather than 70 like it had been this week. But the weekend was going to be hot and she couldn’t wait. Anul her dog whined for food so she happily gave her some, not really aware of what she was doing. Semiconscious they would have called it in drivers ed, but that was years ago. Who knows what one would call it now. Her sister pulled her up out of the fog, she had always loved fog and found this a little annoying. She was glad her sister was leaving tomorrow. But what was she going to do with her today?

Only 23 more minutes till her ride comes…

She smiled when she realized that she hadn’t left her sister anything to sew and her friend was coming over in the morning like she always did and would have to spend the two hours she was at school, this morning alone with this strange being that had arrived on her doorstep yesterday afternoon after many stressful phone calls. Oh what had she been saying? smiling to cover up her lack of attention she managed to deceive her sister.

16 minutes left.

“And our mom is coming back from London tomorrow. Did you know?” her sister droned on. Of course she knew, it was her mom too, wasn’t it? And she had always been closer to their mom then her sister. But that wasn’t the point. Her sister shouldn’t be here anyway, she had just visited her two weeks ago. It seemed sad that they didn’t get along, but not all families do. And to her, it seemed that her sister had always thought she was just a little bit better and had to pressure her into being something she wasn’t.

4 minutes till freedom.

“Have you eaten breakfast yet dear?” her sister asks. Good good, she has, cereal. Oh wonderful you’re cleaning up now. “You know you should help out your dear brother more, he is going to be tired tonight when he gets home and then he has to leave straight again maybe you should do-” her sister was rambling again, but was cut short as her ride drove up.


She ran outside and jumped down the steps almost tripping and falling. “Woah, almost lost that one!” She comments as her ride drives off. “You know Soph, there’s really something to you. watching you almost fall flat on your face in front of us. You have a cute personality. Nice to see someone who is daring and clumsy” funny, Sophia thinks, real funny, Grace.

Finally they arrived at school and piled out of the car, 7 minutes early. They sit in their usual seats, Grace then Sam then her, with one empty on the end. He wasn’t here yet. She turned towards Sam and talked about anything and everything waiting for school to begin and watching the only entrance out of the corner of her eye.

Then he was there.Walking in with more than just any walk, with presence. His brown hair falling just past the tips of his ears. And his brown eyes searching for a seat and resting on her for a second. But she looks away trying not to stare so obviously. She goes back to talking to Sam but has forgotten what they were talking about and now Sam is laughing at her. Darn that Sam, always so aware of what is going on and thinking it is just the greatest stuff in the world. She really needs to get cable.

He smiles, Sophia smiles back, he had sat next to her! With all the empty seats he sat there! Ok even Sophia agrees now, Sam’s consistent stifled laughter is beginning to bug her. Sophia nods a hello and turns back to Sam and Grace with a big smile. Sam is still laughing at her. Ignoring her Sophia tells Sam how since they both thought Zachary was the hottest guy, that Sam should go for Daniel. after all he’s cute too. She just didn’t mention that he is from Mercer Island. But that’s beside the point, Sam certainly fulfilled the Asian driving stereotype and driving to Mercer Island would get her the practice she needs to improve. Turns out Sam isn’t interested, she’ll go for guys she knows. Small group.

Then the teacher starts his lesson. Great they have a test today. All she needs is an 80%. not hard, she did study the night before. And its all multiple choice. And listen the teacher is reading off the test right now. This should easy.

She shares a test with Sam and Sam starts saying the answers out loud. “Sam we aren’t supposed to cheat on these things”…but then again the teacher holds up someone’s paper telling us how to write our answers. Well it was a good example they had already done the first 6 problems, wonderful free answers! Everyone finished quickly and only 3 people didn’t pass. But the teacher gave it to them. Lucky ducks.

Finally they get some time to themselves as the teacher passes out the schedules. Sophia talks to Sam and Grace stealing glances at Zach. He’s always looking in her direction or off to nowhere land. This is going good. Bummers, she doesn’t have any times with him. What a disappointment. Its ok they still have 4 weeks together. Hopefully more.

Class is as boring as it always is and Sophia writes messages to Sam on her arm and Sam writes back. Halfway through they get bored with sitting it chairs and pretend to fall out and sit on the floor. The teacher is worried about their well-abouts. They are fine they inform him. Zach watches interested. Eventually Sophia gets bored with sitting on the floor, its not as comfortable as she imagined. Sam follows her example. The class is asked if there is anyone who knows that they are not going to be able to make one of their appointments. Soph raises her hand. Then gets up to consult with the two others who also have problems with their schedules. When that is figured out she walks back and is looking at him and he is looking at her. Hmm. His eyes aren’t on hers. In fact she is pretty sure they are just above her stomach and just below her shoulders and moving down.  In fact he doesn’t look her in the eye until she is sitting next to him again, she smiles.

They are to read a bunch of pages out of their book. Sure they’ll do that. The teacher leaves and calls someone on his cell phone. How comical. The teacher comes back and starts calling on people to answer question on what they just read. He calls on Sophia, she answers a much longer answer than needed. “The key word there was ‘grip'” the teacher says, good thing that was the first thing she said. Meh. She looks back at Zach and shrugs as the teacher rambles on about what she just said. “Good job” he whispers “thanks, it was a toughie” she responds rolling her eyes. He laughs. Sam laughs. Good gracious.

Sophia and Zachary talk some throughout the class, but not often. Yet. Next week she thinks as they leave. Although he does give her the pleasure of brushing shoulders with her as he passes her on his way out. Then he is gone.

When they get in the car Sam bursts out laughing and Sophie punches her shoulder “Shut up Sam!”. Everyone laughs. Sophie doesn’t really care. Plus there is more good news to come. “He kept looking at you! everytime I looked over there he was staring at you, Soph. It was really really distracting!” says Grace happily. Yes, today is a good day.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur, Sophia is stuck in a wonderful swirl of daydreams. She is disappointed to see they are out of macaroni and cheese but it doesn’t matter. She is stuck crocheting with her sister from this kit her sister bought her. How methodical, and with no music either. Eventually she falls asleep after a swim and Bri, her friend, finishes complaining about her morning with Sophia’s sister. How amusing. Corn on the cob for dinner tonight Sophia wonders what else she is going to have as she drifts to sleep.

She wakes up to a empty house. Fantabulous! turn up the tunes and lets see who’s chatting. How long is it till next Tuesday at ten? 85.5 hours? As of 8:30 this night? 5130 minutes? 307800 seconds? Too long is all she knows….

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