Sophia 5

This is part of a series that I wrote in the beginning of High School. I had them previously posted on a different blog, but in an effort to consolidate, I have moved them here.

Today is the 17th.

On the 12th
Sophia would have to say that her meteror shower was almost a complete flop.
She invited 7 people and five could come. But then an hour before the party 3 called and canceled. So she had 2 people coming. What a joyous, joyous time. So she called other friends quickly and asked if they wanted to spend the night. It was very late notice and unorganized but she managed to round up three others. And it was not such a failure.
And they did see lots of falling stars
And they did pull an all nighter and watched the sunrise at five in the morning. Were finished with breakfast by 7:30 and had watched a movie by the time they all had to leave. It was interesting.

On Friday the 13th
Sophia was very dissapointed to have nothing go wrong.

Sunday the 15th
She studied for school.

Monday the 16th
She sat and did noting except going to see “The Village” and starting soccer. Both very, very good things to have done and the day was no where near wasted.

Today is the 17th
And school again.
So she got up determined to ignore…. What was his name again? She wore a jean skirt and prayed that Sam didn’t wear her’s too. And a black tank top and black sandals and a bright pink ribbon. Her black bead necklace, hoops and her hair down.
Sexy and casual with her bright pink nails.
She sat in front of him and didn’t talk to him but talked to the people around him. She wasn’t talking to him because she had researched him with one of her friends that knows him and had told Sophia that he didn’t want to date untill he got a car and that would be a year and that top on his list was some girl named Sally East. What a name. So she had decided to give up on him. Just be cool…

Wednesday the 18th
She has to go to the hospital for a stupid x-ray that she swears she doesn’t need. But, oh well
Also tomorrow is the first half of her final.

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