Sophia 4

This is part of a series that I wrote in the beginning of High School. I had them previously posted on a different blog, but in an effort to consolidate, I have moved them here.

The 10th of the month.

So school had been going good for sophia. And it was entertaining to try to get a certain Zach to like her. She always liked a challange. And she was making progress… But theres a catch, sophia was gone for a week. And so much could have happened in that week. And everyday that she was gone she worried that she was losing. Before she had left she had thought of some things to talk to him about since she seemed at a loss for words while around him:

 1. how is your summer going?
 2. do you play any sports?
 3. do you like to play mud football?
 4. have you ever been to denver?
 5. how long have you lived here?

Lame, she knew, but they would serve their purpose of conversation starters if all went well. So she set off to talk to him and get to know him. It seemed to go fairly good and she entered in her personal journal:

 “Its very interesting when you suddenly feel like you might see hope. And its on your own accord. I will never forget that feeling in 8th grade of the world spinning around me. A feeling very few girls my age are privledged to feel and remember. I would assume. Now that those days have long passed, my goal is to find them again. This time though it going to be my fault”

 She was having a rather touching moment, do you not agree?

 “You think of him and hope terribly that he thinks of you too. But you tell yourself that he is and he does and with you float through sparkling waters. Soar through cloud streaked skies. And wish you are in love.

“Accendentaly in love

“Well as it is with me when im almost in love its like im spinning with arms flung wids and a content smile upon my lips and within my eyes. A simple tune playing through my mind and a gigantic apprioeciation for all things around. When I’m loved my creativity soars and my energy level leaps and my effect on others around my is terrifyingly wonderful.. My confidence level is boosted and my optimism unchallangeable.

“The sun shines brighter, the rain falls harder, the grass grows greener, flowers bloom in fantastic rainbows.

That is love for Sophia but you don’t see her like that often. Even when she has a boyfriend she is oftern not to those extremes. She is not good at getting boyfriends. Normally, she tries too hard.

“Maybe i should be able to get to this state on my own. But I haven’t figured it out yet and until then i am forever greatful for his attention.

“(sometimes it makes me uncharacteristically romantic)

“Really though there are no words to describe it

While away, Sophia had had a lot of fun with her best friend of kindergarden.

The 6th of the month.

More people came to the place where she was visiting. They seemed nice but Sophia is too shy. Mainly because she didn’t think that she should be allowed to come to a faimily place. But, oh well.
She hiked to Sky pond (9 miles) and  Chasm Lake (8 miles).
Sophia thought it was really nice to see her best friend, Serena, again, although it didn’t feel like it had been so long since they had been apart.
At this point her cell phone bill had not been payed and she was unable to call anyone. This amused her for hours.
She realized that she had misplaced her Gavin Degraw CD.

“Help me I’m insecure and everyone knows it”

The 9th of the month.

She was finally heading home. It was a good trip but maybe a little stressful.

The 10th of the month.

School is on the 10th. How wonderful is that? Well school is definately the most boring part of her week, except for Zack. She gets to see him again after weeks!

The 12th of the month.

There is a meteroshower. Maybe she can have a sam over.
Her cell phone is working again. She’ll have to cut back on the text messaging. But luyckily that was with an ex and she won’t be talking to him for awhile because she has Zack now to amuse her. She really likes to write the letter J.

The 9th of the month.

She is on the plane and she has to go to the bathroom but doesn’t want to move because she has a window seat and the guy sitting nexted to her called her Ma’am. And there are a bunch of  boys and girls in a group on the plane too. But she wasn’t sitting by them. Luckily. Some of the boys were looking at a porno magazine. Yuck. Haha. She wonders if she is home yet. She really has to pee.

She gets home and calls Sam over to come and swim. Its great. But this devestating news come with Sam and Grace:
Zack sat next to a girl on Thursday in school and they were laughing!
Aaaahhh disaster.
But there is still time for regaining the lost ground.She’s not desperate.

The 10th of the month.

So at class. She sits next to him. Annoying blonde girl with curly hair and braces who tried to steal Zack is nowhere to be seen. good. He asks where she was last week. Fabulous he noticed. In Colorado. Have you ever been there? No, he hasnt. But it sounds like fun to him. It was fun.

She comes home to see that the cinnamon rolls she had cooked are all eaten with no sign of a “thanks” or “those were great!” They are just gone. Fine whatever. So she goes swimming and tubing and jumps off 15 ft docks into the water and has a great time. This is after she learns that one of her brothers friends has a crush on her and the other one is going to push her in the water with her clothes on. When he does finally get her in. She is worried that her shirt might be a lil see through, but he assures her that its ok… Thanks for checking.

Yay she gets to have the metor shower party and the line of guests seems promising.

The 11th of the month

She arrives at school at 8. Two hours early because she has to make something up. But its not so bad. At 9 Zack comes for his private lesson and she gets to sit and watch. At 10 class starts and she sits in her normal seat next to Zack and sam sits next to MI guy (oooooo) and Grace inbetween them. Zack and Sophia don’t talk much at first due the the testing going on. But after that they do talk. Sam and Sophia plan a swimming that after noon and Sophia asks Zack if he wasnt to return. And it goes down hill from there…..

“What are you doing today?”
“Do you want to come with sam and i to go swimming?”
“I don’t even know you” He seems confused
“I don’t know you either, so what?”
“Wouldnt it be kind weird?”
“Not for me”
This isn’t going right
“Well it would be for me” He laughs…
Oh crap
“Well whatever”
Boom. She crashes.

Why? How does he expect to get to know people if he won’t do anything with them?
You tell me for crying out loud so she goes to her private lesson then to the doctor who tells her she is only five six but she was slouching so really shes five seven and then tells her that she needs to eat healthy and not do drugs and not drink and not have sex and check herself for breast cancer and so Sophia goes to McDonalds and gets a 10 piece mc nugget meal and a vanilla cone.
So there.
Then she guiltily swims all of it off.

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