Sophia 3

This is part of a series that I wrote in the beginning of High School. I had them previously posted on a different blog, but in an effort to consolidate, I have moved them here

The next day Sophia woke up in a tent in her back yard. She was content. Except that she was awoken by persistant questioning about going to a swim carwash, which she really really didn’t want to go to  but had promised a car ride to Sam. So she had to go. But she would only stay for an hour that was the deal. Sadly she ended up stuck there for two whole long long hours. Then she was free to shop. Like all Saturdays were intended to be used for.

 First stop: Nordstrom Rack.

Success rate: negative one.

Hunger factor: plus three.

Second stop: Old Country Buffet

Success rate:  Plus ten

Hunger factor: Negative five

Third stop: Old Navy

Success rate: Plus nine

Hunger factor: Plus two 

Sophia’s success at Old Navy was one to be measuere. She bought three belts, blue pink and gray and three pairs of shorts, two blue jeans and one white, a jean skirt and a jean dress. Her favorite size shorts were the 4, and they did fist ther the best the 8s were much too wide around the waste. Much too long too. On her way home in her confertable blue bug she listened and and sang to the best songs on her Daneil Lanois CD. Its all good.
She remembered the day when she had been here with her mom and her mom had startled her by revealing to her that it was at this mall that her mom realized that Sophia was all grown up. When she saw boys and even full grown men checking her out… Sophia thought that was kind of gross.

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