Sophia 2

This is part of a series that I wrote in the beginning of High School. I had them previously posted on a different blog, but in an effort to consolidate, I have moved them here.

65 degrees.
As Sophia woke up this morning she was hesitant to actually get out of bed adn meet with her sister. She didn’t really want to have to deal with her sister giving her reasons to feel guilty about what she wasnt doing to help the family out blah blah blah. So she thought of excuses to stay in bed. Some where quite extensive: “I need to find my teddy bear” never actually got to that. “she is prolly not even up yet” Sophia could hear her downstairs. “My fish need attention or they will die” hmmm their brains are mostlikely too small to care.
In the end she managed to waste a wonderful hour and a half. She got up when her friend, Bri arrived and her sister had only two more hours of welcome left. They talked about meaningless things and managed to waste most of the two hours. The last 10 minutes was spent getting her sisters stuff into the car and saying the long awaited goodbyes.
85 degrees.
Sophia proceeded to eat her noon breakfast and talk about what they should do today. They walked down to the dock and tested the water by throwing in Anul. She seemed to like it so they put a foot in. Way to warm for that 95 degree weather. So they went shopping!
First to target and bought a interesting Kim possible board game, tampons and a birthday card. Then they moved on to Fred Myer and bought flowers. They returned home slowly because they liked the coolness of the car.
104 degrees.
They picked up another friend then went to Lake Sammamish.
100 degrees in the shade
After all its bigger than Beaver Lake and much much cooler. Swimming around for about an hour and a half, they were ready to leave. But Bri’s cell rings and what wonders! Her dad is coming down and will drive the boat and take them tubing. Yes. They set off with the two person tube. Bri and Sophia went first. Bri’s dad was worried at first that Sophia wouldn’t like going too fast. But he doesnt know her. She is one freaking clumsy daredevel. So they set off. She can’t really see because of the water flying in her eyes and getting in her contacts. But its still tons of fun. This is the fastest she has gone on a tube. When her uncle used to take her he wouldn’t go fast enough to knock her off, but boy did she fly this time. They were zipping around a corner and if they had wheels there would have been only two on the water. Then it happened. They tipped. And she was flung into the water at high speeds. She bounced once and landed and sank. It must have been the most fun thing she had done this whole summer. Her livejacket pulled her back to ther surface and she swam right back over to the tube and wanted another run. This time Bri got off and their other friend got on. Well this friend hadn’t been in the water yet so Sophia decided that it was time to dump him in. Around corners she leaned hard tyring to flip them and bounced hard on the bumps. But she failed to get him to fall. Eventually they had to leave after watching Bri’s little adopted brother water ski. He was real good despite the choppy waters. Then they left and drove back to Sophia’s house.
95 degrees at 6 pm.
Sophia had exactly 1 hour before having to attend a banquet, and she hadnt bought anything to bring yet. So what did she do? She went and talked on the computer and ate since she had forgotten lunch. No it may not have been the most responsible thing to do, but it was what she wanted to do. And she did have and hour to kill. When there was half an hour before she had to leave she called Michelle and asked her what they were supposed to bring as food. Desserts good. She changed clothes and left for QFC, she bought two boxes of cookies and used the trusty U-Scan. She loves U-Scan.
When she arrived at the banquet she was 8 minutes early. She laied out her spot on the grass with a dingy blanket she just happened to have in the trunk and went to swing on the playset.
89 degrees at 7 pm
Once she decided that she definatly had motion sickness she got off and watched two guys play a pathetic match of tennis. But its was still hot out and she couldn’t blame them. By this time a swarm of small children had taken over the whole swingset. Even the babyswings. How strange. Its now 13 minutes past 7 o’ clock so Sophia decides to walk back to her torn rag of a blanket and waited for the bordom to start. Slowly it did with many microphone malfunctions and confusion they were told to get food. So she got some talking while waiting in line and searching for her trophy. It was there and she moved it slightly out of line so she could find it easily after the thing was over.
They asked everyone to sit down so that they could start, as the microphone cracked againg. Many, many people received awards. And Sophia almost missed her turn to walk up there. Maybe she should pay more attention. But the little boys behind her were slurping their popsicles so loudly anyone would loose concentration. She didnt win anything but was able to collect the trophy she had ordered at the beginning of the year. Maybe she would have gotten something if she hadnt missed two straight weeks of practice. Oh well.
As she drove home she must have ticked off the person behind her. Driving under the speed limit then 1o miles above it. Very inconsistant. But it was her first time driving on a real road afterall. And she did very good for that amount of experience. She just needs to not almost drive in the righ hand ditch.
She then decided to go swimming in Beaver Lake since the air had cooled down considerably and the water actually cooled her off now.  But first she had to set up her tent outside. Since she couldn’t sleep well last night in the 88 degree house. She felt alittle stupid setting up the tent in her backyard but this is what she needed and it had to work.
She swam across the lake then she swam down the lake. On her way back she swam over to a floating dock that had been stuck in the lily pads for a few weeks now. She climbed up and looked around. She found the strings on it and thought at first that they must have just broken and the dock floated away to here, next to the shore. But under closer inspection she discovered that it was actually anchored down. When she started to pull it up she realized that it was much heavier than she had first expected. Of course the only logical explination for this was that it was anchored with a dead body and thats why nobody had come to claim the dock yet. She kept pulling though, and found a blue bag filled with sand. Ah but its not really sand, of course not that would be too easy. Really its the creamated bodies of murder victims. At least thats what she imagined. She pulled the bag up onto the dock and started to propell the dock out to the middle of the lake. When it was about in the middle she dropped the victims back into their watery graves and dove off and headed for her dock. As she was walking back up her lawn she heard some guys on boats asking if the other had cut the dock that was now in the middle of the lake free. “for sure” uh huh thought Sophia thats what they did. When they weren’t even around to see it happen. But either way it didn’t matter she knew she had been the real person to release the dead.
She ate some corn and watched boom runs. Sophia always loved boom runs because she could apprieciate how good they were, its hard to run on logs and she had fallen off a fair share herself. That was her clumsyness shining through her daring.
10:53 pm 74 degrees
Good night. Sophia walks outside to sleep in her back yard.

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