Magic Quilt

 I had gotten up and had gone down to the mail room to get a package, the package was strangely shaped. I opened it and it was a bunch of shreds of cloth, all different colors. And there was some type of hand machine that I was supposed to use to attach the cloth. So I started that but it wasn’t working so for some reason I used the machine on the blanket that aunt Meg made me. Suddenly, a strip of color changed on the blanket. It was as if I was revealing with the machine a secret that had been sown into the blanket and I was only just now finding out about it. it was so many different colors and it was a whole new pattern. The blanket was wrinkled so I would miss strips and have to put them back together. Then I noticed a note written on my wall by Helen when she had come to visit me (which she hasn’t). It was a progression. It went from watermelon to apple to orange to lemon to lime to green grapes then yellow grapes then purple grapes and then it went onto the floor and I couldn’t read it anymore. Each one was a drawing with a black arrow pointing to the next one. Each drawing was in color and all the fruit was smiling. It was written on the wall behind my bed which is why I hadn’t noticed. Then she called me and asked if I liked my birthday present. It was arranged by her and Emily and Kasey and Sasha and everyone. She asked me if I remembered that day when I had been receiving messages that all had to do with the number combination 2826.And I said yes, and she said that they had been behind all of that. She said it started because that was of course her birthday. (Which it isn’t). And she started telling me all the things they had arranged. And it was really extensive and grand and it had to do with the blanket as well. Then Erik called me and asked me what colors I liked and he said “you know I know you don’t like talking to me or for me to call you but this was just something special about your birthday present” I told him that I had already received the blanket and that I really liked it and he said good… and I told him that he doesn’t have to worry about calling me, its fine. And I knew that Harrison was in the background with Erik somehow.
The blanket was becoming a pattern made with purple and red and gold. It was a maroon type color and it was beautiful. It was absolutely gorgeous it was like it was a magical secret message that my aunt put there for me to find. And all my friends knew.

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