High School-off task…

Brooke was “off task” (again) and her teacher decided that calling on her would be a good idea:
“brooke are you done?”
“yes!” brooke punches air with fist triumphantly
“good then you can do the first question”
“ok! cool I can do it”….(this translates directly to “crap im doomed”)
“can i do the 6th question?”
“sure you can do them all”
“well can i just do the 6th one?”
teacher mumbles something inaudible
brooke figures it means she can do #6
time passes
“ok everyone brooke volunteered to do the first question for us”
“what? you said i could do # 6”
“you can do the first one”
“what about the 6th one?”
“do the first one brooke”
“uhhh ok sure”

“um ya….ok”
brooke is staring at the paper trying to read it why analyzing it at the same time because i really did do any of it except #6 yet
“was that your answer brooke?”
brooke raises eyebrows and smiles sweetly
teacher cracks up laughing
teacher walks over to board and writes “um ya…ok” for answer for #1
everyone laughs
brooke laughs too, what else is there
“thats a great answer brooke, who else has an idea for # 1?”
brooke pipes up again “i can do # 6!”
“ok brooke we will come back to you at number 6”
more time passes
“brooke do you have this one?” as we are on # 5
“no i have # 6”
class laughs again… (not sure why…)
time passes
“ok brooke whats number six?”
brooke does problem wrong…
class stares blankly at her then laughs more


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