Thought bubbles

*woosh* And we are here. Or are we? Perhaps some of us are. Not many to be sure. You see all those movies where they go into what the person is thinking. But they are shallow and made for comedy. No you see it is different from that. People do not only think small thoughts. They think things like that they are some where else. In another place. Seeing different things. So if you were noticing the color of the napkins at a party, other people there may be noticing the type of food being served, or the clothes people are wearing, or they may be noticing the spilt drink on the table, or the two people making out in the back corner, or maybe noticing how cheap, or expensive everyone elses jewlery is.  But there will be one person who notices everything at once. Someone who sorts through the unimportant things such as the couple in the corner, the drink on the table or what people are dressed in. The person who notices what people are thinking and feeling. The person who doesnt relate the expenses people spend on accesories to how much fun they may be in real life.
It would be a gift to know what that one person was thinking because really they are the only one here.

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