Follow Your Words, I Miss You

If I caused the earth to tremble
With lurching heaves and desperate gasps
Or created an endless lake
From salty streams and puffy whites
And made the sky tear from the sounds
Of howling time could not quiet

Then there be some distant remorse
In some other body like mine
Whose hands are perhaps as dirty
With colors of the neglected
Unwashed for reasons known to me
And rather covered with soft gloves

A few words are frozen within
There is no fire to bring them back
Nor a good will to dig them up
Only the trembles to remind
And the lakes in which they reflect
How much deeper the lake gets with each viewing!

I will turn my back and strut out
To another place where suns shine
And try to melt these words at last
So that they may wash out of me
To be a pure body again
Free from the wonder and worry

No, the earth will still be rocking
The lake will never be empty
And the howling will still be loud
But their lines will grow ever faint
The flowers will remain distinct
That is all I’ll need forever

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